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Parallel driven magnetic gears and pole parallelism for drying facility lines

Parallel driven magnetic gears and pole parallelism for drying facility lines

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Non-contact transmission with multipoles NdFeB parallel axes magnetic gear for dust-free noiseless workshop 333


Parallel driven magnetic gears and pole parallelism for drying facility lines
  • Main material:Bonded NdFeB / Sintered NdFeB (more precisely Neodymium-Iron-Boron)
  • Coating: nickel plated(Normal-X /Enhanced-C)
  • Bracket material :plastic POM / aluminum AL6061 / steel S304 / steel S316
  • Bracket fixing method:single screw clamping / Fixed vertically with multiple screws
  • magnetic isolation ring: steel S45C

Detailed use of materials and dimensions, according to CAD engineering drawings, consultation and customization.


Advantages of magnetic gears:
  • Contactless
  • Environmental friendly
  • Permanent-magnetic
  • Maintenance-free
  • no noise


The magnetic gear is a device for non-contact power transmission using the interaction of the magnetic poles' attraction and repulsion. Magnetic gears are products that are driven in a non-contact state on production lines such as LCD, PDP, PCB, OLED, and SOLARCELL that do not allow fine impurities in a clean environment. Replaces mechanical gears that rely on friction to drive.The magnetic gear is composed of two parts: NdFeB magnet ring and bracket base. The magnetic ring of the magnetic gear is the most important part of the magnetic drive wheel. The height of its magnetic area and the number of teeth determine the torque of the magnetic gear.



Type A D L G F M Pole Qty Torque
CJ4510P-□ 45 20,15,10 34 25 4 M5 10P 2.2N.m
CJ3916P-□ 39 20,15,10 35.8 26.5 5 M5 16P 1.5N.m
CJ3512P-□ 35 20,15,12,10 32 21.5 5.25 M5 12P 1.1N.m
CJ3518P-□ 35 20,15,12,10 32 21.5 5.25 M5 18P 0.7N.m
CJ3210P-□ 32 15,12,10 30 20 4 M4 10P 0.8N.m
CJ3010P-□ 30 15,12,10,8 25 18 3.5 M4 10P 0.32N.m
CJ2612P-□ 26 15,12,10,8 21 14 3.5 M4 12P 0.45N.m
CJ2618P-□ 26 15,12,10,8 21 14 3.5 M4 18P 0.21N.m
CJ2218P-□ 22 12,10,8 18 12 3 M4 18P 0.13N.m
CJ1612P-□ 16 8,6 13 8 2.5 M2.5 12P 0.05N.m
The above specifications are our company's standard products, and can also be customized according to the customer's transmission torque, operating temperature, space size and transmission ratio.


1. The recommended gap between the two magnetic gears is 0.5mm.
2. Do not perform additional processing on the magnet part, otherwise the magnet may be broken.
3. When the two magnetic gears are close to each other, avoid hitting each other